On the following page you can start a Java Applet which will connect to your ACR 122 or SCL 3711 NFC Reader and output all the NDEF Messages that are being transferred from the Android phone.

This updated version can also read NFC Tags (Mifare 1K and 4K).
Since 06.01.2012 you can also send NDEF messages via Android Beam

Since 23.01.2012 it is directly possible to resend a message that has been received. This way you can test how you app reacts to your own NDEF messages.

Since 28.01.2012 you can also use the SCL 3711 NFC Reader to transfer NDEF messages (NFC Tags are not supported yet).

System requirements:

One note for 64-Bit OS users

Please note that you need a Java Version which corresponds to your browser on a 64-Bit operating system. By that I mean that if you have a 64-Bit Java VM installed, you will have to use a 64-Bit Browser. If you are working on Windows 7 64-Bit you can use the already installed 64-Bit IE9.

If you are using IE9 and encounter a Java crash after opening the following page, please read: Why does Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 crash after I visit a web page with Java applets?.
A short answer is: update your Java Runtime to 6u24+.

Java security warning

The applet needs access to your NFC Reader. For this to work the applet is signed with my own certificate and requires special access rights. On the following page you will be asked to grant these rights. If you don’t, the demo will not work.

Privacy statement

The applet will not access any other resources than the NFC Reader. It will not send any data over the internet. All NDEF messages are only made visible in your browser.

Launch Demo
You can contact me at:

or via E-Mail: as (at) nfctools (dot) org